5 Reasons Your Should Have Bridal Portraits

  1. Rehearsal. There are a million moving pieces to a wedding, both before and during the actual event. And those pieces don’t all come together until the actual wedding day. Bridal portraits pre-event give you a chance to test your dress, shoes, make-up and photographer all at one time. Not to mention, if you have bridal portraits done, you’re groom and family won’t be standing idly by waiting while you have a few quick shots done before the reception. So you won’t look rushed or frazzled, simply a beautiful bride.
  1. Comfortable. Bridal portraits are a win-win for you and the photographer. I’ll learn which poses work best for you and you get to know me, allowing you to become comfortable in front of the camera.
  1. Stylized. All of your wedding portraits will be in one place, bridal portraits offer you the ability for some variety in a different location. Stylized bridal portraits make for magical photos that can really accentuate your dress, jewelry and overall mood of the photos.
  1. Creativity. As a lifestyle film photographer, I do not use backdrops or staged posing. For your bridal portraits, and all of my photography, we get to explore new areas, new angles, new lighting and focal elements. Have a floral crown or a turquoise bracelet you love but won’t be wearing during the ceremony? Bring it to your bridal portraits for some gorgeous pops of color and personality.
  1. Gifts. Even if you decide not to display a bridal portrait at your reception, you’ll have these photos available before the wedding, allowing you to print and frame bridal portraits as gifts for your mother and new mother-in-law.

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