North Florida Wedding Photography

As a North Florida wedding photographer, I find there are many gorgeous places and opportunities for wedding photography. Some things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer in North Florida, specifically Tallahassee, include the following:

  1. Style. What type of North Florida photography appeals to you? My style is documentary, as opposed to posed, and is candid and spontaneous and includes shots of the various details like decor, flowers and clothing. Fine Art photography and edgy-bold photography also steer away from posed photos, which is also the type of North Florida Wedding Photography you can expect with Poppie Studios.
  2. Homework. Read reviews. See what others are saying about your North Florida Wedding Photographer.
  3. Personalities. Make sure your personality and that of your North Florida Wedding photographer mesh. You should have in-person meetings before hand to establish a relationship. Having engagement photos done with your North Florida wedding photographer will also give you a chance to see them in action.
  4. Packages. Does your North Florida Wedding photographer offer multiple package options to fit your needs and budget?

Taking these few, basic items into consideration will help you choose a North Florida Wedding Photographer that best fits your needs, budget and style.

North Florida Wedding Photography


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