35mm Photography

I use 35mm film photography for my weddings and portraits. It wasn’t so long ago that 35mm film was the most commonly used type of media for photography. How quickly things change though. Now, when folks learn that I shoot only 35mm film, not digital, they are astonished. They claim they are too scared or intimidated to use 35mm film, or any film for that matter. I remind them that just 10 years ago, that’s pretty much all any of us were using.

35mm Photography

35mm (or 135mm) film is the most common type of film. Each image is rectangular in shape, 24x36mm and each roll of 35mm film is enclosed in light-tight metal canisters, allowing it to be loaded in broad daylight. 35mm film comes in black and white and color as well as infrared.

If you love how 35mm film looks but aren’t confident enough to use it, I say why not? There are so many inexpensive 35mm film cameras available and so many places still develop it. Try a roll today, get reacquainted with 35mm film photography. I think you’ll fall in love all over again.


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