Decorate with Family Photos

Winter is here. Well, officially it begins December 21st with the Winter Solstice but, with all this warm weather I’m having a hard time remembering it’s actually wintertime. You too? One of the things that I find myself doing most every winter, aside from eating too many Christmas sweets, is feeling the need to redecorate or update my home décor.
The easiest, and cheapest, way I’ve found to instantly make my spaces feel fresher is by swapping out my large format prints around the house. I’ve got two in the living room, one in the kitchen, three in the master bedroom, two in the guest bathroom and two in the office.
One of the biggest challenges about large format prints is finding images you like in a color scheme that matches your existing décor. That’s why I use my own photographs and create my own illustrations or posters.
With all the access we have to photography these days, it’s easy to forget about those beautiful landscapes we took a year ago, or the artistic shot of a bicycle against a speckled wall, or your babies blowing bubbles this past summer and grinning from ear to ear. Photos like these make for gorgeous large format prints. And best of all: they’re personal to you, rather than some mass-made faux painting from a large bedding and bath store.
Not sure where to begin? If you’ve already got an arrangement of frames with dated photos in them, go back through all your photos from the past year or so and find new ones to get printed and swap out. Still have blank walls? Here’s a simple arrangement that you could do just about anywhere: entryway, above a media center, in the office or bedroom.


And remember, Poppie Studios offers in-home consultations to help you make the most of your photos and/or prints. We’ll take a look at your spaces and find solutions that best fit your décor and lifestyle!


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