What to do with all those baby photos

2.24.15 title

Fact: Having a baby means unprecedented amounts of photos. So, once you’ve inundated your FaceBook friends with dozens (or realistically, hundreds) of baby photos, covered your fridge and filled every frame what options are left for your baby photos?
What about a photo calendar? I can help you create a custom desk or wall calendar with lots of fun backgrounds and custom date marking (put a photo on important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc).
Organize your photos. Sounds like a difficult task. And boring. Even if you can’t stand organizing, the least you can do is put them in folders on your computer, by date and year or special occasion. If you really like organizing (yes, yes I do. Seriously. Like OCD a lot) you can tag each photo so that when you do a search later on it pulls up every photo with that tag.
Give them as gifts! At some point you’re going to run out of frames and wall space. A nice photo (perhaps one taken by Poppie Studios?) in a cute frame will always mean a lot to grandparents and Godparents.
Another semi-easy option, albeit time-consuming is photo albums. If you’ve already organized your photos, then have them printed and put them in albums. Albums come in all sorts of sizes and patterns so pick one that matches your home decor or baby’s personality.
Along with organizing, back up your photo files. I’ve posted about this beforeand can’t explain enough how important this is. Once they’re gone, they’re usually gone for good. Don’t let it happen to your memories!
And of course all the fun home decor and accessories you can create. Mugs, mouse pads, canvas prints, ornaments. These all work as gifts throughout the year, not just for Christmas!


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