Lighting Tips for At-Home Photography

3.4.15 title

The right lighting in your photos can make all the difference. Instead of 30 blurry, yellow images you can follow these simple tips to improve your own candid photographs taken everyday.
Avoid using a flash whenever possible. First, babies (and most adults) aren’t too keen on having a bright bolt of light hit their eyes repeatedly (seeing spots anyone?). The best alternative is to move closer to a window to get some natural light from outside. Open those curtains wide, move back a few steps and have your subject (baby, child, pet you name it) face the window at a 45º angle.
For outdoor photos, the best natural light occurs right after sunrise (think 9-10:30am) or just before sunset (5:30-7pm). Bright midday sun causes people to squint, creates harsh shadows and is just too hot to be standing around posing with a forced smile. Shade is often pretty great too, as the natural light bounces off people’s faces but doesn’t blind them.
Taken between 9:30am and 11am
And of course, practice makes perfect! Experiment with your camera, get to know it’s capabilities before dressing up the kiddos and heading to the park with a list of Pinterest examples or you may end up disappointed.
Most importantly, have fun!


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