Feel Comfortable During Your Photo Session | Tallahassee Family Photographer

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Let’s face it. Not everyone likes being in front of the camera, and they worry about how the experience will feel. In this blog post I’d like to explain to you, my lovely clients, how I help you feel natural in front of the camera.

My ideal clients are not actors or models. You’re real people, with real lives and real feelings. You probably don’t have experience in front of the camera. And anytime we, as humans, do something out of the ordinary, we get a little nervous.

As a lifestyle film photographer, I don’t do a lot of staged poses. I will tell you to walk this way, look that way, I’ll help you with your hands (because where do they go?! Am I right?). But for the most part, we’re just capturing your life on film. Act natural, try not to force things. Those photos you love on Pinterest? What do you like about them so much? Probably the authenticity the emotions elicit in you when you look at them. And often times, those genuine feelings aren’t staged or posed.

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If posing is required, I don’t tell you how to pose – I show you. I explain it in a way that makes sense to someone who doesn’t know, and really doesn’t need to know, why they’re being posed that way from a technical standpoint, just that it makes you look your best.

Throughout the session, you’ll repeatedly hear me say “Do what feels comfortable. Relax.” And when we combine natural motions with a little posing-direction, we are guaranteed to capture the beauty of your family or your wedding on film every time!

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