What I Bring to a Photo Session

What I Bring to a Photo Session

I’m willing to bet that if you’ve been to a public park recently then you’ve probably witnessed a photo session in progress. What photographer’s bring with them can vary widely. You may see something as simple as the photographer and their camera – maybe with a flash on top all the way up to full-on lighting-equipment on tripods, reflectors being held by assistants and three or four cameras with various lenses dangling around the photographer’s neck and/or waist.

When you and I have a photo shoot together, this is typically what you’ll see me toting around:

  • one 35mm camera
  • small crossbody bag for film

And that’s it. I go light and easy. I don’t know about you but much more than that and I’m sweating the entire time – no thanks. Now I do have a camera bag that I bring along full of “just in case” items, like another 35mm camera, two extra lenses, two flashes and extra film, but I don’t lug that around during the entire shoot.

Simple and beautiful. That’s my philosophy. And I think you’ll see how that philosophy comes through in my work: lifestyle photos of you being you. Nothing staged, overly complicated or over-edited.

Because that’s life… simple and beautiful.


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