Olson Family Portraits | Tallahassee Family Photographer

The larger families grow, the more difficult it is to get everyone together for family portraits. Thankfully, these next two families I’m featuring made good use of their holiday time together and scheduled family portraits!

The first lovely bunch I had the privilege of serving was the Olson family. They did a fantastic job of coordinating their outfits, posed so naturally with very little direction from me and were so photogenic it made our session so much fun!

Olson family Photos | Tallahassee Family Photographer

Kelley was one of the very first people I came to know after I moved to Tallahassee. And she’s been a huge champion of my talents ever since. So anytime she sends an inquiry my way, I’m honored to serve her.

This family has two sets of multiples! Kelley is the older sister to her twin brothers, featured below on the left. And in case you missed that opportunity for a pun, that means they’re the male Olson twins! What are the odds? They take it in stride and all in good fun.

The youngest siblings, featured in the middle below, are absolutely precious aren’t they?! She asked for a photo of just her and her brother and immediately slid into this pose *insert all the heart-eyes here* Beautiful girl and I have a feeling she has an even more beautiful heart. And little brother was a charmer too.

Olson family Photos | Tallahassee Family Photographer

The other set of multiples are these gorgeous triplet sisters, featured below! They are just stunning in their black and white ensembles. And their smiles are totally beautiful! Before the session they expressed concerns of looking natural or too stiff. But after the formal family portraits, these ladies knocked it out of the park – don’t you agree?

Olson family Photos | Tallahassee Family Photographer

I adore this big family and it truly means the world to me anytime I can serve them. Whether it’s headshots, family portraits or graphic design marketing pieces for them. It’s always a pleasure and always leaves my heart happy.


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