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Mtenga Family Portraits | Tallahassee Family Photographer

The larger families grow, the more difficult it is to get everyone together for family portraits. Thankfully, this second of two families I’m featuring made good use of their holiday time together and scheduled family portraits!

The second lovely bunch I had the privilege of serving over the holidays was the Mtenga family. Look at their beautifully coordinated outfits! Just gorgeous! And their super fun, laid-back personalities made for truly wonderful family portraits that captured their personalities.

Mtenga Family Portraits | Tallahassee Family Photographer

Can we please look at Dad in the top left photo? Look at him tipping his hat! What swagger he has! He was such a gentleman, always being funny, making jokes and keeping the session light-hearted. Mom looked utterly sophisticated with her ruffle-neck dress in the bold red print. Moniaishi, in the blue cardigan, reached out to me via a mutual friend of ours (thanks Portia!) and did a wonderful job coordinating everyone’s tight holiday schedules as well as their wardrobes!

Mtenga Family Portraits | Tallahassee Family Photographer

I adore the Bloxham Annex next to Cascades Park. It’s white walls everywhere! I feel like my mind is a catalog of white walls and open spaces. Give me all that natural light! The abandoned buildings of the Bloxham Annex lend themselves beautifully to timeless, simple, clean family portraits. I lucked out yet again, because this family naturally knew where to stand and how to arrange themselves. Clients like these spoil me! And for that, I’m ever so thankful.

Mtenga Family Portraits | Tallahassee Family Photographer

The red blooms and moss swaying in the wind made for perfect Tallahassee embellishments so we made sure to take full advantage of them in everyone’s individual portraits.

The Mtenga’s are humble, kind and truly a joy to serve. When I dropped off their “thank-you” gift a few weeks later they invited me to sit in their home with them to just chat awhile. They had a family friend visiting from Africa who extended an invitation to me in hopes that I’ll visit them there. And I whole-heartedly agreed. I truly hope to see their beautiful continent one day.


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