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If you know me well enough, you know one of the things I’m passionate about is being earth friendly and eco-conscious. But those two concepts don’t, on the surface, seem to be synonymous with stationery, aka paper goods. Or do they? I print the majority of my client’s wedding invitations on beautiful, and luxurious, recycled paper. So when Ashley asked about incorporating seed paper too? I was excited to take on the challenge of making earth friendly wedding invitations for her! And it did not disappoint!

Earth Friendly Wedding Invitations | Poppie Studios

Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

While printing earth friendly wedding invitations completely on seed paper is likely a budget-breaker, a great compromise is including smaller stationery pieces on it instead. For Ashley and Tyler’s wedding invitations, we printed the entire wedding stationery suite on recycled paper but then used a seed paper belly band. We also included a note letting guests know they could plant the paper and watch love grow!

Seed Paper Belly Band | Earth Friendly Wedding Invitations | Poppie Studios
Rehearsal Dinner Card | Earth Friendly Wedding Invitations | Poppie Studios

Wedding Venue Drawing

Wedding venue illustrations are some of my favorite things to incorporate into wedding invitations. There’s nothing more custom than a wedding venue drawing of the place where you’ll be married. For Ashley and Tyler’s earth friendly wedding invitations, we included a hand drawn wedding map that featured two drawings. The first wedding sketch is of the DoubleTree, where their guests accommodations were as well as their rehearsal dinner. The second wedding drawing is a venue illustration of the wedding venue where they were getting married, The Space at Feather Oaks.

Wedding Venue Illustration Sketch Drawing | Earth Friendly Wedding Invitations | Poppie Studios
Earth Friendly Wedding Invitations | Poppie Studios

Little details on wedding invitations make all the difference. From the envelope liners custom made to match their invitations. To the wedding venue illustrations and wedding map. And of course the beautiful recycled paper and seed paper belly band. Not to mention the postage stamps they chose, featuring national Wild and Scenic Rivers. All of these elements combined together to make a beautiful earth friendly wedding invitations suite.

Custom Envelope Liner | Earth Friendly Wedding Invitations | Poppie Studios


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