Renee and Jon | Waverly Park Pond Wedding

When I tell you it was an absolute joy to photograph Renee, Jon and their little family – that’s an understatement. After receiving her photos from their Waverly Park Pond wedding, Renee called me and thanked me repeatedly for being their Tallahassee elopement photographer. It filled me with so much joy hearing how much she truly cherished her photos.

Waverly Park Pond Wedding, Tallahassee Florida

Maclay Gardens Wedding Photography 

I first met Renee and Jon at Maclay Gardens to capture their family portraits. We began in one of my favorite areas, a somewhat hidden grass path between the Lakeside Pavilion and the entrance. Then, we made our way down by the water for a few precious moments with their daughters.

Maclay Gardens Wedding Photography, Tallahassee, Florida

Maclay Gardens Wedding Photography

Waverly Park Pond Wedding

After our family portraits at Maclay Gardens, we headed to their intimate Waverly Park Pond wedding. Their elopement was filled with happy tears and laughter. When I tell you I cry at nearly every ceremony, I’m totally not exaggerating. I love love. I love seeing two hearts pledge their devotion to one another. And Renee and Jon’s wedding was no different.

Maclay Gardens Wedding Photography

Maclay Gardens Wedding Photographer

I’d highly recommend working with A Beautiful Wedding in Florida for an easy elopement experience. Amanda is great at coordinating everything and making couples feel comfortable and arranging a photographer (like myself) for your Tallahassee Elopement Photography. 

Between their sweet family portraits and intimate elopement, Renee and I agreed we’d found friends in each other. I adore this family and look forward to photographing them for years to come.

Waverly Park Pond Elopement Photographer, Tallahassee

Waverly Park Pond Elopement Photographer, Tallahassee


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