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Tails & Trails | Race T-Shirt Design | Tallahassee Graphic Designer

One of my favorite things to design is race t-shirts. This one for the Animal Shelter Foundation‘s annual Tails & Trails race was a unique opportunity because it falls on Cinco de Mayo this year. What better way to raise money for the Tallahassee Animal Shelter than by running with a fiesta-inspired pep in your...

#AdoptDontShop + Bailee's Birthday! | Tallahassee Photographer

Today and tomorrow are big days in our house. Today is Bailee’s adoptiversary! She came home with me on this day 9 years ago! Which means that tomorrow is Bailee’s birthday! Her 10th birthday to be exact! Bailee has been my ride or die since 2008 when we were single-ladies living the college life. She’s...


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