Brunch at Lemoyne | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

Styled shoots seem to be all the rage now. I think a lot of that has to do with the ability to connect more easily with fellow vendors via Rising Tide Society. Planning a trip cross country? Hit up some vendors in cities you’ve always wanted to work in a make it happen! And I must admit, styled shoots are fun and fabulous! When else do so many photographers come together, photograph the same scene and end up with very unique captured images? Most styled shoots are wedding-themed though, and I for one enjoy champagne toasts at all times of day! So why not style a brunch at Lemoyne? Lemoyne Center for the Visual Arts has an absolutely fabulous courtyard. Vine covered walls. Fountains. Sneaky side gates. Foliage of all kinds. And of course lots of white walls that reflect light just beautifully.

Brunch at Lemoyne | Tallahassee Photographer

This styled shoot was born out of wanting a themed event that matched my branding. Any event will always be captured in my style of photography, but this styled brunch matches Poppie Studios colors and aesthetic too. Champagne, macarons from a local French bakery, cocktails, appetizers, giant balloons and a Kate Spade inspired cake. Yes, yes, yes please!

Another motivation behind the shoot was having the opportunity to get together with fellow film photographers. I created a local film photographer’s group, North Florida Film Photographers, and opened this event up to the members as a chance to get together and geek out over our love of beautiful, grainy, yummy film together. Nerd alert.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Brunch at Lemoyne | Tallahassee PhotographerBrunch at Lemoyne | Tallahassee PhotographerBrunch at Lemoyne | Tallahassee Photographer


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