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Brunch at Lemoyne | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

Styled shoots seem to be all the rage now. I think a lot of that has to do with the ability to connect more easily with fellow vendors via Rising Tide Society. Planning a trip cross country? Hit up some vendors in cities you've always wanted to work in a make it happen! And I must admit, styled ... READ the POST

Sharmini + Emile Opera House Wedding | Tallahassee Photographer

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a wedding vendor backs out last minute. It's an unfortunate event and who knows what circumstances lead to that. But I do know it adds a crazy amount of stress to the otherwise happy bride-to-be. Such was the case with Sharmini, who happens to be the friend of a dear ... READ the POST

Pineapple Wedding Decor | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

Pineapples have long been a symbol of hospitality. One look around Charleston and you will see them gracing door knockers, on lamp posts and there’s even a large pineapple fountain! In the past pineapples were a fruit only indulged in by the very wealthy. When placed in the dining area for guests ... READ the POST

Things Your Photographer Will Appreciate | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

There's a lot more to working with your wedding photographer than just signing the contract and telling them where they'll need to be. With so many details, moving parts, and moments on your wedding day timeline, having a well-informed and well-equipped photographer will help the day go more ... READ the POST

Kids Activities at Weddings | Tallahassee Wedding Photographer

If you've decided to invite children to your wedding, you'll likely have some adorable little guests running around in tiny suits and dresses — what could be cuter? However, you'll also have younger guests who may not want to sit through dinner, and could lose patience halfway through your ... READ the POST