Brand Refresh | Alicia Haskew Photography | Tallahassee Designer

Working with fellow local artists is one of my absolute favorite, and terrifying, prospects. Favorite because I love this community of creatives that I’ve made myself a part of. Terrifying because I don’t want to let them down. I know the struggles of running a creative-based small business so I want my step in their growth to be easy yet awesome and impactful. Cue Alicia, of Alicia Haskew Photography. I’m so excited to share her Brand Refresh with everyone!

Tallahassee Graphic Designer

Alicia and I knew of each other via Rising Tide Society, which lead to myself and Tim hiring her as our wedding videographer! And not even two weeks later she put a request out on social media for a graphic designer. We met for coffee and started bringing to life when she envisioned for her high school senior photography marketing. And let me say, this brand is everything I love all wrapped into a perfect bundle!

West Coast meets Southwest Boho. Seriously, on point.

Tallahassee Graphic Designer

From palm trees to cactus. Coral and teal to black and white prints. Geometric gold logo to geometric photo frames. This marketing bundle was incredibly fun to create! Alicia’s request for an “editable magazine template, preferably in PhotoShop” pushed me out of my usual InDesign comfort zone. And for that, I thank her! I’ve learned new skills on her behalf and can now serve future clients even better!

Tallahassee Graphic Designer

Thank you, Alicia, for trusting Poppie Studios to capture your essence! I am in LOVE with your brand and am so glad you love it too:

“In between the insanity of running the biz, I have to update all my marketing pieces to reflect the new branding. Luckily, when I hired Emily Fuhrman, of Poppie Studios, she CREATED this magazine for me. I have a magazine that looks a bit like Frankenstein’s monster, but she put all the pieces back together to reflect the new AHP brand, and this is what she came up with. Seriously amazing. Thank you, Emily! This was one of my favorite pieces from you. It makes me look way cooler than I am.


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