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Why You Need Gift Cards as a Small Business

Did you know that around 93 percent of American consumers have either given or sent a gift card? And, the total volume of gift cards is projected to surpass $160 billion this year? In short, consumers love gift cards. If you’re not issuing and accepting gift cards at your business, then you could ... READ the POST

Moon + Stars Stationery | Tallahassee Graphic Designer

Whenever I get the opportunity to design something for fellow creatives I get super excited! Like this Moon + Stars styled shoot, coordinated by Leanna of Cake Me With You for example. I got to work with new friendors (friend vendors) on this beautiful celestial event. The stationery, designed by ... READ the POST

Save the Gopher Tortoises | Beach Signs | Florida Designer

Did you know Gopher Tortoises can't swim? Now you do! And hopefully these signs (that Poppie Studios Designs created for the Florida Wildlife Commission) will help educate beach goers all across Florida too! Coming to a beach near you in the coming months! Rea St. Johns County is putting out a ... READ the POST

Camp Culture LTD | Apparel Designs | Tallahassee

While in the midst of wrapping up Alicia's photography marketing (see previous blog post), she sent me another request. This time, for her other creative pursuit: Camp Culture LTD. See we met for sushi this time (because you can only meet for coffee so many times before you get hungry for some real ... READ the POST

Marketing Content | Sweet Face | Tallahassee Branding

Tangela over at @sweetofaces reached out to me for help with her product photography and marketing. Her passion for health and wellness really struck a chord with me during our first coffee meetup. It became obvious very quickly she and I could be friends IRL! ? She strives to provide all families ... READ the POST

Brand Refresh | Alicia Haskew Photography | Tallahassee Designer

Working with fellow local artists is one of my absolute favorite, and terrifying, prospects. Favorite because I love this community of creatives that I've made myself a part of. Terrifying because I don't want to let them down. I know the struggles of running a creative-based small business so I ... READ the POST