Camp Culture LTD | Apparel Designs | Tallahassee

While in the midst of wrapping up Alicia’s photography marketing (see previous blog post), she sent me another request. This time, for her other creative pursuit: Camp Culture LTD. See we met for sushi this time (because you can only meet for coffee so many times before you get hungry for some real food ?) and thus began our t-shirt design adventure.

Apparel Design Tallahassee

I knew of Camp Culture LTD just briefly, in only the small glimpses I had seen in her social media posts. Once I got to know more of what she envisioned for the future of this awesome company, the more excited I became. Camp Culture really encapsulates everything I love about the outdoors: wanderlust, independence, canine companionship, lifelong friendship, modern hippiness, camping in those rad VW buses. Seriously – what’s not to love?

Apparel Design Tallahassee

So with all that in mind I got to work, and since I myself and in her target market – I channeled my inner outdoor enthusiast and got to work! These final six designs are so fun, and so diverse!

Apparel Design TallahasseeWhen Alicia saw them, she said… well, there was swearing involved. In a good way. So I’ll refrain from posting what she thought. But let’s let these symbols act as a substitute for her enthusiasm: “@!$%&… !!!” ??? I was relived she loved them as much as I did. It’s so cool seeing them



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