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Tangela over at @sweetofaces reached out to me for help with her product photography and marketing. Her passion for health and wellness really struck a chord with me during our first coffee meetup. It became obvious very quickly she and I could be friends IRL! ? She strives to provide all families with natural and humane face, body and hair care products. Definitely a mission I can get behind!

Tallahassee Brand Designer

What started as product Photography has turned into marketing consultation for @sweetofaces and I couldn’t be more excited to have her as one of my regular clients!

Tallahassee Brand Designer

This trifold will be used as a leave-behind for visitors and potential future clients of hers. And I got to combine my graphic designs with photography – a win-win for me ?

Tallahassee Brand Designer

Tangela says “your talent and expertise is priceless. Thank you for assisting in making my dream come alive.”

Thank you, Tangela, for letting me help your amazing business grow


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